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Now on Twitter

I’ve started a Twitter account for this site, you can find it at @47374Matters.

While most of the articles posted here tend to be longer-form commentary, interviews and analysis, on Twitter I’m experimenting with more immediate, rough-draft thoughts about life and happenings in the area. It’s also a more personal and conversational space than the comments section on this site tends to be, at least for now.

In the last week I tweeted about: a request to the Redevelopment Commission, why you shouldn’t lock event info inside flyer images when sharing online, the legal case against the former owners of the former hospital building, that I enjoyed RCT’s Mamma Mia! production, how a recent report about our cost of living was a bit incomplete, and some news I hadn’t seen anywhere else about a new local charitable foundation, among other things.

Understanding that tweets are a bit ephemeral and that anything I really care about saying will still be posted on this site at, I hope you’ll check it out, follow along and join in the conversation.

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