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Dave Snow for Mayor

I’ve posted on this site about the current Richmond city election races and some of the candidates involved, and I’ve tried to comment without waving the flag of any particular party or candidate. I plan to write more soon about some of the other specific races and the great resources that the Palladium-Item and WCTV have put together for area voters, and I’ll continue to try to do so in a way that’s useful to voters of all perspectives and backgrounds.

In this post, I’m making a specific endorsement of Dave Snow as the Democratic party’s candidate for Mayor of Richmond.

I’ve met and talked with Dave a number of times about his campaign and his vision for the City. I’ve read his statements about why he’s running, what he hopes to do if elected, and how he approaches leadership in this community. I’ve grilled him on some of the finer points of city governance. And where possible I’ve educated myself on how other the candidates think and talk about the same.

What strikes me about Dave’s campaign is how much it is a natural extension of all of the other work he’s done in his professional and personal life to make Richmond a better place to live. It might be easy to minimize what a “radio personality” does and is, but I’ve watched Dave live out that role in a way that creates successful community-building events, demonstrates strong leadership and organizing abilities, spreads a positive message about what’s happening and what’s possible in town, and that gets people excited about their own role in Richmond’s future. Sure, there’s silliness and irreverence that happens along the way, but in my own interactions with Dave he’s always been grounded, authentic and ready to think seriously and creatively about the challenges in front of him.

I sense that Dave sees becoming Mayor not as a way to gain power, beef up his resume or fulfill some personal agenda, but as the next and most obvious position he can take that allows him to use his talents and perspective in a way that helps the most people. I think he knows that he doesn’t have all the answers, that he has a lot to learn, and that as Mayor he’s going to need a talented group of leaders and City employees around him to get things done. But if any candidate were any more confident than that, I’d be worried.

So I’m supporting Dave’s campaign for Mayor. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I think the other candidates aren’t sincere or well-qualified, but based on what I know now, Dave is the person for the job. I’ve contributed some of my own time and money to help him get there, and I’ve been impressed by the number of different people from around Richmond that have given of their own time and resources to get Dave elected.

You can learn more about Dave’s campaign:

I hope you’ll take the time to learn about Dave Snow and all of the other candidates so that you can make an informed decision when you go to vote.


  1. Ryan

    Looking forward to what Monica, Larry and Dave all have to say in the upcoming “IN Focus Candidate Forum” Thursday evening. I haven’t seen or heard much from Monica or Larry on their ideas and concerns for Richmond. Dave, on the other hand, has done a fine job in communicating via social media about campaign information. I would hope that he puts that same amount of effort in to prepping for the forum. Having that “radio personality” experience, I think he may have the advantage during the show.

  2. Constance Frye Alsup

    I want Dave to know this: Although I am 61, I have never been a registered voter inside the city limits, therefore, You are the first Mayor I ever voted for! I am so proud of you and how your campaign was run. This longtime Republican, now independent, did not hesitate in my decision to vote for you!

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