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Radford’s Takeover

I’m glad to see the great coverage in today’s Pal-Item about Jen and Tom Ferrell taking over ownership and management of Radford’s Meat Market and Deli.

The word wasn’t used in today’s article, but Jen Ferrell is an entrepreneur in the truest sense – she’s started and grown a number of ventures over the years – and I’ve always been so impressed with how she creatively identifies and fills unmet needs in the community while getting to work (really hard, mind you) on things she’s personally passionate about.

It’s an important reminder that we shouldn’t ever limit our image of a successful business person to a white guy in a suit somewhere. When it comes to building something new that reshapes the local economy in gradual but impressive ways, Richmond can and should learn a lot from Jen’s experiences here.

Congratulations to her and to Tom on this next phase of their adventures!

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  1. Erma W. Rich

    Congratulations to Jen and Tom on their new adventure. I
    am glad to have Radford’s continue with the quality food.

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