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Leadership transitions

It’s a time of transition for leadership in Richmond. By this time next year, we’ll likely have a new Mayor, a different City Council, a new Superintendent of Schools, and a new General Manager at RP&L.

Of course leadership happens in lots of different forms and not all of them are as high profile as these. There are many people quietly leading in Richmond every day. But the people chosen to fill these roles will exercise some substantial influence over the future of the community.

Such transitions often offer a chance to do things differently. Sometimes we’re too hard on public figures for taking chances or trying new things “just because.”

But something about having new faces and different personalities in positions of leadership gives us all an excuse to say “I hope they do something bold” and maybe not be as worried about the implications. Sometimes it even buries old conflicts, removes old barriers, or shifts old ways of thinking…and great things happen.

Let’s hope the newness that comes with these leadership transitions leads to something bold and great for this place.

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